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New clients often ask us what  is a clay bar treatment and why is it important. Formerly reserved for professionals, car dealers and other specialists, the use of clay bars has made its way into the garages of auto collectors and enthusiasts. Its easy to see why thanks to the products’ ease of use and fantastic results.

Clay bar treatment was developed in Japan in the late 1980’s to remove over-spray and minor flaws from vehicles at body shops. Back then, the preferred—and only—method of dealing with surface imperfections in the U.S. was compounding. Unfortunately, compounding removes tiny layers of clear coat every time, resulting in cumulative damage to the car’s finish.  The beauty of clay bars is they are not abrasive and do not damage.

Auto Detailing Clay Bar

The “clay” used is actually a synthetic putty carefully manufactured.  Therefor it is very clean and the perfect softness to be easy to use.

What does clay bar do?

It adheres to and easily removes microscopic contaminants like industrial fallout and rail/brake dust.

Over time a car’s paint can feel gritty, rough, dull and appear “rusty.”   Most vehicles require clay bar treatment prior to waxing or adding ceramic protection.

Chrome, coated metal, and glass are also subject to the same environmental contaminants as paint. You can clean chrome, coated metal and glass without worrying about scratching them.  Tar, sap, overspray and grime will also adhere to the clay.

We use a high-quality silicone lubricant for clay bar treatment. The lubricant is essential to ensure the performance and safety of the clay and provides the necessary slick surface for best results. If you have other questions about clay bar treatment just let us know.

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